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One of the biggest questions that comes to our mind when we think of doing a job after college or switching to a new job, apart from the amount of money they are offering and how much travel it includes is “Why”? Why work at a particular company? What is that one thing apart from the salary that makes it worth working for a  company?

Knowing ‘Why’ is great. It not only becomes a driving force but also prepares you for the long term. And that is the philosophy with which everyone at Decision Point works. ‘Don’t limit to what is to be done, always ask why are you doing it’ 

On that note, let me tell you “Why should you work with Decision Point?”  

Once during an interactive session in the town hall, someone beautifully articulated what drives him the most to work for Decision Point? 

“We DPians are driven by our relentless urge to dig deeper in extracting actionable insights from data. We challenge ourselves constantly to learn and deliver best-in-class solutions. We own our client’s success by consistently creating value in their analytics (transformation) journey…”

For me, this is incomplete.

Ya ya, you might be thinking why am I not getting to the point. 

So let’s cut to the chase, here are my top 5 reasons of Why you should work with Decision Point or as we call it DP 🙂  

  1. Young and Dynamic Culture

Everybody claims it, we prove it with numbers, the average age in DP  is about 25 years. There is a lot of energy flowing all the time. Due to this active energy, everyone is always on their toes and always looking up for opportunities to showcase their capabilities. We work hard and party even harder. Our work environment is very flexible, and we prioritize work-life balance.

  1. Project Visibility 

Irrespective of whether you are in a senior role or junior role you will have 100% project visibility. For example, in the product development team, there are meetings that people from different domains like marketing, sales, etc. also join. While it helps developers know about the marketing or sales strategies of the product, the marketing/sales team knows how they can plan their strategies better to pitch the product in the market.

  1. Fast Track Growth

We promote people based on their ability and willingness to take responsibility. You can join us as a junior and can become a senior in no time depending on the work you do and the impact you generate with that work done. For example, a Business Consultant became an Analytics Consultant in just a year.

  1. We Empower People

We empower people so that they become more successful in their careers. In the data science team, one gets the opportunity to lead the solution design and convert business problems into data science problems, which involves exploration of various available techniques and the latest developments in data science to select the most efficient solutions.

  1. We Believe We are Intellectual Equals

We consider everyone intellectually equal here at Decision Point. This gives everyone a fair chance to present their ideas and put forward their beliefs which help in best for the organization. We value creativity and believe in raising the bar every time we deliver the results.

Now I think you must have got a good idea for the “Why?” in Decision Point. So what are you waiting for…? Here’s the career page of our company and apply now.

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