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Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Job Title

Data Engineer

(All levels)


Delhi NCR


Work Experience

0 to 7 Years

Senior team members you will work with


Sanjay Saini

Chief Technology Officer

Manish Sharma

AVP - Engineering

Ravikant Karan

Data Engineering Manager


Umesh Kumar

Data Engineering Manager

As a Data Engineer at Decision Point, you will -

  • Create efficient, scalable, and fault-tolerant data pipelines
  • Find and implement the best engineering solutions to acquire, transform and supply the right data
  • Deploy machine learning models in production using the best-in-class MLOps techniques
  • Collaborate with Data Scientists and Software engineers to create intelligent web apps
  • Develop and maintain data pipelines on cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)

We are looking for someone who has -

Strong ability to structure the flow of data, build efficiencies in our data processes, and provide data to different stakeholders. Your role may fall into three main categories:

I. Generalist: As a generalist, DE will be responsible for every step of the data process, from data acquisition to data transformation. This role includes –

  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams
  • Understanding the need for data structure, availability, and accessibility 
  • Development of complex code, scripts and ETL steps to process structured and unstructured data, therefore, facilitate clean & processed data. 
  • Creating new data validation methods and data analysis tools

II. Pipeline centric: As a pipeline centric, DE will automate the data collection and analysis processes by developing scalable & robust data pipelines on the cloud as well as On-premises.

III. Data Architect: This is a senior role that includes the following:

  • Working with stakeholders to understand the business needs, data sources and align architecture with business needs
  • Facilitating the translation of data needs into technical system requirements
  • Supporting the building of data flow channels, processing systems ETL and integrating data from various sources

You are an ideal candidate, if you -

  • Love to play with data
  • Find joy in data acquisition
  • Consider yourself a problem-solver

1. Demand Forecasting – The project allowed brand managers at our CPG client to generate forecasts and simulations at the click of a button. The Data Engineering team designed an automated ETL pipeline which processes across millions of rows of data which reduced manual workload in Demand Forecasting project for global CPG client


2. Market Mix Modelling – A web app that lets marketing managers know and simulate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The data engineering team designed & deployed an ETL and ML pipeline to process semi-structured data by integrating 100 million raw records from 14 data sources using AWS Glue, PySpark and stored processed data in S3

  • Hands-on experience. We build modern applications based on the latest architectures like Microservices architecture which can be auto scaled using technologies like Kubernetes and Docker and deployed cloud vendors like Azure, AWS, or Google
  • Direct client interaction with Top Notch clients. At Decision Point, we don’t limit client exposure to a few. You get to interact with clients directly without the hustle of hierarchies. This enables you to fasten your learning process and master the traits of strategy
  • Work-life balance. We don’t just say it, we practise it. We believe in results over hours. Our work environment is very flexible, and we understand your work-life balance. We take off to mountains or beaches to recoup at least
  • Learn the traits of entrepreneurship from one another. We are a team of intrapreneurs. Every individual that adds to our team is an asset. We work together to build something that makes a dent in the world
  • Get Cross functional exposure: We assign a complete dedicated team to a project which includes Data scientist, Business Analyst, Development Team, Data engineers etc. This gives you an exposure of interacting with cross functional teams
  • Challenging projects: When you work at Decision Point, you are guaranteed to work on some of the largest and most challenging problems in the world. This entails some intense critical thinking and hard work but also a rewarding experience
  • Get opportunity to work on a variety of Projects: DP is working on the different ML & BI projects which ranges from demand forecasting to promo analytics to marketing analytics, etc. Your learning curve will be steep, but it will be one of the best in the industry

CASE STUDY II : Predictive Analytics enabled mobile-friendly Solution

How did we enable the workforce of one of the world’s largest beverage brands, minimize stock-outs with a simple mobile application?

CASE STUDY I : A.I powered Promotion Analytics Solution

How did we enable a leading CPG company to maximize effectiveness of their promotion related initiatives?

Hear from the team about their working experience with Decision Point

Umesh Kumar

Data Engineer Manager

Umesh has more than a decade of working experience serving clients across industries, including Life Science, Insurance, FMCG, technology, and analytics. As Data Engineering Manager, he is responsible for designing, leading, and building data-intensive applications on various cloud platforms.

Uttarkarsh Gangwar

Senior Data Engineer

Uttarkarsh is a data engineer who has worked on AWS (EMR, Redshift, Glue, Athena), Azure (databricks, datafactory), Pyspark, python, SQL, pandas. He loves to develop, construct and maintain architectures for scalable solutions.

Vijay Garg

Senior Data Engineer

Vijay is a problem-solver, and he specializes in leveraging the team’s data engineering capabilities when there is a need to build a machine learning project from scratch. He loves to transform data into a format that is useful for analysis.

Paras Verma

Senior Data Engineer

Paras is a data engineer who  loves building and maintaining an organizations data infrastructure. This includes databases, data warehouses, and data pipelines. He loves playing with data and always thinks about how to deliver more with the same data.

Learn more about Decision Point

Over the next 18-24 months, organizations are focused on digital transformation like never before in corporate history. Decision Point has developed state of the art solutions that can drive data driven business agility and dramatically improve the adoption of AI and advanced analytics for businesses to aggressively compete and grow in the new normal. With more than a decade of experience and a truly global reach into data analytics and big data solutions, we are a team of data scientists, business consultants and tech savvy engineers who are passionate about extracting every ounce of value from data. We are looking for people who are passionate about implementing analytics to solve real world business problems.

Why Decision Point

  • An intellectual and entrepreneurial environment where you can express yourself, enjoy the freedom to experiment and bring out the best in yourself!
  • We have proven capabilities in an industry that will accelerate in the coming years
  • Our Data & AI expertise is best in class (Our clients say so) and we are launching multiple breakthrough product innovations
  • Exponential growth opportunities both from a learning and earning perspective