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Women in AI

Women in AI

Numbers and codes are genderless.

Artificial Intelligence is a function of human intelligence – those who create it, define it. Lack of diversity limits its scope and capabilities. Speaking of which, A.I is one of the many branches of science where, statistically, women participation has been significantly low for years, especially as we go higher on the corporate ladder.

Slowly and steadily, with more and more women joining and rising to the top in this space, the whole ecosystem is changing. Women are not just revolutionizing the AI/ML landscape with their unique cognitive and behavioral capabilities; they are also re-defining the future of technology.

Women in A.I doesn’t have to be an exception; it must rather be normalized with the definition of science and society. 

We are honored to have smart and ambitious women contributing and trailblazing the analytics domain at Decision Point.

At Decision Point, we encourage a gender diverse workforce. We believe that diversity begets diverse viewpoints, which leads to unique solutions and collective growth. We take proactive steps into eliminating all conscious and unconscious bias from our hiring process that is built to select the best qualified candidate for the role, irrespective of their gender.

At the same time, we are making continuous efforts into enabling existing and potential female employees in this space to realise their full potential and rise to leadership positions. In an attempt towards the same, we are partnering with reputable organizations that provide women with professional development opportunities and a bridge for relevant exposure.

Decision Point is committed to creating a diverse and equal workplace. This section is dedicated to the women in the company, who are breaking stereotypes and making groundbreaking advancements every single day, with their ideas, dedication and hard work. 

We interviewed a few women from our analytics teams to get a glimpse into their journey so far in this domain.

Let’s hear from women in A.I @DP about their unique experiences, challenges and achievements -

Nisha Devi

Sr. Business Analyst

Nisha loves experimenting with analytics and their impact on product solutions. Her deep and intense understanding of tools and her craze for getting into finer details enables her to build robust analytics solutions. In her free time, she loves to read books and/or travel.

Shilpi Rai

Analytics Consultant

Shilpi thrives on solving complex business problems. Her continued commitment to deciphering an issue to the tee makes her bring excellence to every task she takes up. She loves being at the forefront of new initiatives, which is inspirational to people around her.

Disha Mehta

Sr. Analytics Consultant

Disha is a result oriented professional with strong problem solving skills. She is passionate about numbers and the mystery they hold. She always seeks challenging roles and takes up every opportunity with a hundred percent responsibility. She believes that success has no short-cuts. She loves exploring places, food and cultures.