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Why Should Every CEO Know About Generative AI

Why Should Every CEO Know About Generative AI?

Generative AI is accelerating at a high rate while CEOs are still learning the technology’s business value and risks. With GenAI, tedious tasks can be automated, which leaves more time to focus on higher-value strategic work that leads to increased productivity. CEOs need to optimize and utilize innovative GenAI technology to streamline business.  This article gives an […]

Why Work at Decision Point?

One of the biggest questions that comes to our mind when we think of doing a job after college or switching to a new job, apart from the amount of money they are offering and how much travel it includes is “Why”? Why work at a particular company? What is that one thing apart from […]

Chapter 2 – “Overcoming the Odds” with Rajesh Gupta

“When you start enjoying your breakfast, lunch, or dinner more than your work; it’s time to rethink and start doing what you love.” The above dialogue is said by Rajesh Gupta, Co-founder & President of Decision Point, in the second chapter of the series- “From Decision Point’s Coffee Table”, where he shares his personal story […]