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Sales Force Transformation

Sales Force Transformation


The sales process dynamics has evolved over the years from purely relationship-driven to more data-driven, especially post pandemic caused by coronavirus.

Sales teams need to up their game with regards to reaching buyers in time with relevant assortment, offers and selling stories to be able to win customer loyalty.

Forward thinking sales leaders are constantly looking for technological solutions for sales digitization.

Sales digitization, in the modern-day context, doesn’t just mean automating existing processes.

It refers to complete transformation of the sales process involving centralizing sales data, breaking information silos and building data driven culture.

In a nutshell, sales needs more intelligence than ever before. And the troves of customer and market data are they key to enabling the intelligence.

Post Pandemic Sales force needs an intelligent and personalized selling approach. And troves of customer & market data available is the key to enabling this intelligence.

There are three fundamental use-case themes through which sales digitization unlocks value for the enterprise:

Driving Sales force transformation can be complex. It has to be driven cross-functionally, factoring in future looking business dynamics, sales-force capabilities and data infrastructure/IT challenges. This involves:

Sounds exhausting? Don’t worry, we have got it covered for you. Our team of experts have built integrated sales technology stacks that facilitate increased seller performance, customer engagement levels and market share gains. Take a look:

Connecting the dots across the entire sales value chain from the data systems to the field dynamics is critical to unlock value through salesforce transformation initiatives. At Decision Point, we have experience in driving this process many times over, across diverse geographies.

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