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Our Solutions

Our Solutions


With over a decade’s experience in delivering best-in-class solutions to our clients across geographies and industries, we truly understand the art and science of creating the most sophisticated analytics algorithms that create the maximum business impact.

While we have the expertise and experience to build any custom analytics solution for our clients, we are sharing a deeper perspective on some of our most high impact solution use-cases.

Demand Forecasting

Our A.I powered Ensemble modelling solution enables organizations to accurately predict demand in the post pandemic world marred with noisy data. Learn more about our unique solution

Pricing Analytics

We provide end-to-end pricing solutions that can drive scientific decision making across different types of pricing scenarios evolved through decade’s experience across diverse geographies. Get a sneak peek

Promotion Analytics

Our Promotion Analytics capabilities go beyond just ROI estimation to evaluating the impact of promotions across key strategic business priorities. Know more about our capabilities.

Retail Segmentation

Post Covid, it is imperative for consumer firms to move away from static segmentation models focused on market execution for performance driven dynamic segmentation. How can they do it? Let’s find out.

Marketing Mix Models

MMM needs to reinvent itself to be relevant for decision makers in the post pandemic world by integrating deeply across digital and commercial drivers. Our solution offers a unique perspective.