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Promotion Analytics

Promotion Analytics


Promotions are like the double-edged swords which if done right accelerate revenue growth and done wrong bleed the profitability of an organization.

As data gets richer and the pressure on profitability keeps mounting, companies are more desperate than ever to track and improve the ROI of their promotions. But promotion analytics goes beyond just mathematical calculations of Promo ROI.

It also involves evaluating the strategic impact of promotions both in the short term and the long term on category growth, distribution & market share gains.

In most organizations however promotion data is extremely disorganized and unstructured. It requires a well thought through structured promotion data-model to scale promotion analytics initiatives.

Our Promotion Analytics capabilities go beyond just ROI estimation to evaluating the impact of promotions across key strategic business priorities

With advanced ML algorithms, promo lift can be broken down into different levers– inorganic, organic, forward buying and cannibalization effects that provide far more richer and actionable insights to business teams than just a simple ROI metric.

Further, evolving Promotion Analytics beyond just descriptive insights

into predictive promotion optimization and promotion personalization initiatives can unlock far bigger value for organizations.

At Decision Point, we leverage deep learning expertise in building holistic Promotion Analytics solutions to drive effectiveness in promotions.

Driving ROI from promotions is not an isolated event. At Decision Point, we have identified a roadmap that leverages

A.I at various steps, to maximize ROI from Promotions –

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