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5 questions our employee answers about working experience with Decision Point

In a candid conversation with our Sr. Team Lead, Hitesh Kaushal, he spilled some beans on what is it like working at Decision Point. Hitesh has been writing software for as long as he can remember. He puts all his passion in solving the smallest and the biggest world’s problems by unleashing the power of technology.

Question: How long have you been with Decision Point?

Hitesh: It’s been by 4.5 years now. it’s been quite a ride.

Question: How do you feel working at Decision Point?

Hitesh: Well, I mean it’s an institute for innovation and value creation. What it means is that we just don’t build things. We build things and assess what value have we created. That’s a very value focus environment that we have, which is a very distinct feature of Decision Point. So, whatever we build, we look at it from a surgical perspective, what have we done on day to day basis.

Question: What do you think about your colleagues and work environment?

Hitesh: All employees in Decision Point are highly motivated, and they have self-starter sort of attitude. They don’t wait too much for the guidance. They genuinely want to contribute to the team. Even in daily scrum meetings, either they are asked to share their thoughts or they just talk aloud about how we can build things better, how we can work better as a team, what is missing, what new features they want to build, how would they want to implement the same features differently. That’s usually the environment. All the colleagues are highly motivated and total team players.

Question: Tell us about the projects and technologies you are working on.

Hitesh: Everyday I am challenged with the new features we have to build. We don’t build normal features. One day a feature would include natural language processing, or it could be a deep learning sort of feature or implementing something in cloud, containerizations on cloud, next day would be about doing that on aws cloud or big data processing, or build some scalable APIs. Everything is challenging and that’s the good thing about Decision Point that you never get bored over here. You won’t feel that the work is ever repetitive. It’s always something new and challenging. You learn new things everyday.

Question: What is special about being a Software Engineer at Decision Point?

Hitesh: It’s been 4.5 years as I mentioned and even for people who are not with us, it’s the freedom to work on whatever technologies they want, where they want to innovate. They could come up with their own ideas and they will be given enough resources and time, so that they can actually implement and see if it works or not. That’s the biggest thing – the freedom that we have. You can directly talk to Ravi (the founder).

Question: What do you enjoy most about Decision Point?

Hitesh: The open culture that we have. Even in the open house and Townhalls that we have, you will see that everyone tends to speak up their minds and whatever we are doing, everyone have their own questions and management gives them the answer directly. That’s very encouraging and everyone feels that they are a part of the organization. That’s something I enjoy about DP.

Question: One word for Decision Point?

Hitesh: Innovation.

Question: Message for aspiring DPians.

Hitesh: Part of every DP employee is this desire for excellence, to be the best in class. You will see this reflected in people’s attitude everywhere, especially in their work and their skill sets. Anyone who resonates with this, they want to be best in class, they want to innovate, they want the freedom to build, freedom to work out their ideas, Decision Point is the place.

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