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Open Letter | Decision Point

Okay, so first, let’s start with an introduction. I am Aashish Singhal, a newbie in this corporate world and Decision Point and you are a great human being because you are reading this. No, I am not saying this to make you stick around by sugar-coating my words but you are great because you are considerate enough to read this and learn new things. And this is what life is all about. Right? 

Life at Decision Point is similar. You will learn new things every day. 

Honestly speaking, corporate life seems hell due to some movies and anecdotes we listen to. I know you are nodding your head with me but first, let me complete myself. Your experience in the corporate world is the result of your actions in your past life. Confused? Let me simplify it. 

By past life, I mean – what all have you learned in college life, your past experiences, the goals you have set for yourself, the companies you applied for, and whatnot.

So if you love your work and have wise responses to the above questions then sweet heaven can be found in this vicious cycle of the corporate world. I come from that heaven, Decision Point. 

What is heaven in general? Eye relaxing views, angels flying around, caretakers making feasts every day, you loving yourself and your life too, and also, a wise and trusted mentor in front of your eyes. This is what I describe heaven as and I know you agree with it.

We are situated on the 5th and 7th floor of Veritas Tower in Gurgaon with a terrace of our own from where the whole city can be seen underneath you. Okay, so the eye relaxing and pleasing views… Check.

Angels are no one, just more experienced people revolving around to make sure you do well. Yes, I am comparing my seniors to angels. Wait! Actually, I am comparing almost everyone here to angels because I am the youngest here. Oh, I “was” the youngest here until we hired 16 amazing freshers from different IITs. No, I am not sad that I’m no longer the youngest 🙁

Most companies claim to be following the “no hierarchy” approach but in reality, very few of them do. I have experienced zero hierarchy at Decision Point where the sky’s the limit. If you got the fire, they will give you fuel. So angels… Check.

Never understood whether this is a start-up, a fully established organization, or some other synonym of it but understood one thing that this is a rapidly growing company. It grows every day because its employees are keen to grow every day.

Coming back to my sweet heaven, I talked about heaven’s caretaker that makes good food. Special mention to Niranjan Bhaiya from the cafeteria who offers me a coffee and a broad smile whenever I enter the premises.

The cafeteria here is small. At first, I wondered that with a strength of almost 200 people, how this cafeteria is just enough. Then I asked one of my angels and got to know that there are no defined breaks here. 

I was like WHAT! But then it makes sense, everyone doesn’t get tired at the same time. So how can you give breaks to people at the same time? Amazing concept.

This leads to randomness. Bringing me to the theory of spontaneous behaviour. Yes, mixing it up with my engineering lesson. More the randomness/spontaneity more the energy, hence, leading us to efficiency. You work according to you. Only 2 things are mandatory – attend meetings and complete your work. How you work, when you work (till it’s in the deadline spectrum) and all that doesn’t matter unless you are delivering quality work within deadlines.

Hence there’s no timesheet till now.  So, be true to yourself. If you don’t work, it is you who will suffer – hindered growth. And how can you see yourself suffer… right?

Coming to the last and the most important element of heaven – mentor. 

The mentors here are obviously the CEO, Co-founder, and the whole leadership team.

Talking to them daily, learning about them, and gaining useful knowledge about work and life is the core of personal growth. So, the last point… Check.

Okay, I won’t brag about my company anymore and if you still don’t believe me then text me or anyone from the company to confirm if I said even an inch here and there.

I hope you have learned a lot of new things about me and the company from this letter. This was me summing up my almost 3 months of experience at Decision Point. I will be back with some more insights. Till then visit our website to know more about us. 

It was nice talking to you. 

Thank You

Aashish Singhal

Best Rookie of Decision Point 

(Definitely after this letter :P)

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