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A large FMCG company was seeking to improve the flow of information between stakeholders and speed up time-to-market.
01. Business Challenge

Client data was stored in multiple silos with multiple owners. Data access was cumbersome.

  • Multiple stakeholders had to review each data request, which resulted in employees not being able to access the right insight at the right time.
  • Data quality was often impacted as well by this.
  • Existing systems were rigid and could not keep up with increasing demand for data insights.
02. Approach

The first step was to interview the client to understand their current state and future vision, in addition to their technology requirements. We reviewed their existing sources, infrastructure and data to determine their day-to-day needs and obstacles.  

The client wanted us to implement the following:  

  1. An improved data architecture with low overhead challenges  
  2. An Easy-to-maintain cloud technology.  

Therefore, we 

SSOT | Decision Point

Based on our approach, information from various sources such as sales, retail audit, execution, media etc., could be integrated. As a result, the client now has a single verified source for accessing this information daily, without any question about data integrity or metric definitions.

03. Impact

The solutions resulted in the following impact for our client:  

  • Schedule set up for refresh of live data and multiple reporting systems built on top of SSOT 
  • Up to 50% reduction in time that goes into creating and maintaining product information.  
  • 5x increase in business process efficiency and opened the door to build new data science models on top through the new platform.
Key Highlights