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A Global beverage company wanted to prioritize investments in Bangladesh. Check out how Decision Point experts developed a district level market potential index to help the client in this short case study.
01. Business Challenge

The world’s largest beverage company wanted to develop a 3-year investment roadmap for Bangladesh – one of the largest market opportunities for the beverage category with a 150 million population. 

The challenges faced by the company included: 

  • Vast diversity & complexity of the market landscape 
  • Difficulties in prioritizing regions which had highest potential for growth 
  • Difficulties in maximizing the ROI of the marketplace investments 
02. Approach

To address these challenges, Decision Point integrated multiple sources of socio-economic data across household expenditure, population demographics and social parameters available at the most granular district level and created a market potential index through a statistical model. This involved: 

Decision Point experts further created unique indices across various strategic priorities based on an intelligent selection of parameters and weighting procedures which bring out the most relevant investment regions for a specific strategic priority.

03. Impact

The client, a global beverage company, used the Market Potential Index model developed by Decision Point. This enabled the client to: 

  • Handle the complexity of the market landscape efficiently 
  • Prioritize regions with the highest potential for growth based on recommendations 
  • Build a long-term investment roadmap in an emerging market 
  • Make strategic investments based on model recommendations 
  • Maximize the ROI of marketplace investments 
Key Highlights