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“I believe there’s no problem that cannot be solved. Keep working on the problem until you solve it. Be persistent.” – Manish Sharma

Who doesn’t love tips? Tips come from life experiences and are enough to make our lives a little easier. In chapter 7 of ‘From Decision Point Coffee Table,’ we talked to Manish Sharma, AVP of Engineering at Decision Point, about some of the most valuable tech and life tips he has gathered in his career.

Manish shares some of the most valuable life lessons he has learned in tech engineering. He believes communication, persistence, and long-term thinking to be the keys to doing anything. But that’s not all. Manish also speaks about the things we learn today that will make a huge difference tomorrow. According to him, developing transfer skills is just as crucial as developing hard skills. 

He also believes in the importance of destressing and having an outlet or fun activity to destress while at work. Solving a problem can be hard, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Manish talks about his logic of solving any problem optimally. He shares all the steps he follows, starting with defining a problem and solving small parts of the problem. 

Want to learn all of the steps of problem-solving? Listen to the latest episode of ‘From Decision Point Coffee Table.’

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