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Maximize Return in Multiple markets with a scalable AI Driven Promotion Analytics Solution
01. Need for a Multi-Market Solution

Companies often run similar promotions with broadly similar objectives
across markets and can benefit greatly by bringing in standardization and a
centralized approach in managing the solution. This will:

  • Help them make tool investment more efficient.
  • Utilize learnings from promotions conducted in different markets.
  • Enable them to manage solutions in different markets with central teams to minimize manpower requirements.
  • Reduce deployment time for new markets.
02. Challenges with Multi-Market

While the need is clear, integrating solutions across markets represent
some key challenges that add tremendous complexity when attempting to
scale solutions. This is majorly due to:

  • The decentralization of data within the organization, there is a lack of ownership
    of data and creates challenges in extracting relevant data from silos.
  • The absence of advanced capabilities for deploying and managing multi-market
    omnichannel ecosystems
  • Similar models or methodologies don’t work in all markets.
  • Lack of efficiency when replicating the solution across multiple markets.
03. Solution Capabilities

Promotion Analytics can be scaled for multiple marketing via the following steps.


Multi Market Promotion | Decision Point
04. DP’s Multi-Market Solution

Decision Point’s Promotion Analytics solution incorporates some critical features that allow us to scale the solution across multiple markets:

  • To determine the true volume uplift, one single model factored in both pantry loading and internal cannibalization after removing the influence of external factors like COVID, weather, etc.
  • Integrating tools and a data lake via a cloud pipeline to drive sustainability by
    reducing maintenance and manual intervention.
  • Diagnosis of promos aimed at different strategic goals. Integrate strategic KPIs into the analysis of promotional performance so that the objectives are aligned.
  • A period for tool maintenance post-delivery involving tasks such as Periodic results
    updates, Model refreshes, data challenges, and training assistance.
05. Impact

Upon implementing the advanced analytics model delivered by Decision
Point, we were able to:

  1. 3-7% of incremental Gross Profits across multiple markets while maintaining volume.
  2. An estimated 8% to 15% of ROI improvement plans were identified across markets during the use-case deployment phase.
  3. 40% reduction in man-hours spent on promotion planning and diagnostics across new markets.