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We know what you are thinking, that the heading sounds like a front page of the constitution right? Haha, we know but that is what it is. Like a constitution defines a relationship between the citizens of a country with its government, similarly, in the following text, we’ll walk you through some of our beliefs thinking of you as the citizen of this corporate world.

In the race of this corporate world with every company trying to become the best place possible for its employees, we stand apart. Everyone here at Decision Point or more precisely We at Decision Point are determined. Determined towards our work, what we think of, what we prepare, and what we deliver.

So let’s get started with the constitution of Decision Point-

  1. We at Decision Point Understand
    We all want to be understood whether it’s from colleagues or Managers. Therefore, we advocate a flat hierarchy. You can share your ideas not only with your Manager but also with Senior Leadership. At Decision Point, we strongly believe we are intellectual equals, so everyone is approachable.

  2. We at Decision Point Care
    Caring is an emotion that comes with the family. Therefore, we proudly call ourselves one big DP Family. With constant interactive sessions held by the HR Team you get to know everyone and everyone gets to know you. Whatever the situation is, this caternal family (We know it’s not a word but paternal is for the father’s side family, maternal is for the mother’s family and similarly, caternal is the company side family) will always be there for you.

  3. We at Decision Point Perseverate
    This is not for the short term or as we call it the “honeymoon period”, we at Decision Point perseverate everyday. We strongly believe in the line that says “Perseverance is the key to success.” Here at Decision Point, each and everyone of us works towards making things happen, but the real beauty lies in the fact that there is a liberty to ideate things. You can come up with ideas and make things happen because…

  4. We at Decision Point ‘Let you Flow’
    Working without a flow is like rowing a boat upstream. It is very difficult, time consuming, and most importantly doesn’t take you anywhere. That’s the reason why at Decision Point, we believe that every person should work in their own way. It not only adds a personal touch but also reflects a flow. And we can’t stop ourselves from agreeing with the fact that we all love working in our own ways and comforts and it brings us immense happiness, right? 
  1. We at Decision Point Believe in your Growth 
    The employees are the biggest assets of an organization. And here at Decision Point, we not only care about our employees but also their career growth. Our dedicated Career Growth Discussion allows employees to discuss their career path not only with their manager but also with the senior leadership.

Summing it up, all we can say is Life at DP is all about fun, bondings, creativity, and of course some amazing work. We are the embodiment of work hard and party harder and we love to raise the bar everytime we take a step.

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