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“Happiness is a by-product of worthy work well done”.

Most importantly it is a choice and we can’t deny the fact that it is different for everyone.

So, for the hunt for happiness week, we at Decision Point decided to ask our employees what brings them happiness.

And it went something like this:

We asked them anything and everything:

  • What is something about Decision Point which brings you happiness?

Flexibility & freedom, the family like environment, and the existence of a flat hierarchy. Decision point is so good at creating a fun space for you to work in, plus the freedom you have to put your ideas on the table is just other-worldly. Well, the work environment is all that matters and DP is all about that.

  • One Word for your most favourite colleague.

This particular question was flooded with the most amazing answers. Afterall your work colleague is no less than your best friend. Here is what everyone wrote for the apple of their eyes at work!. For some, it is how considerate their colleagues are and for some, it was dependable and inspirational. Well, isn’t that cute?

  • Which do you like more- Work From Home or Work From Office?

So here we got 5 votes for Work from Home and 1 vote for both. The answer was quite predictable though, afterall, who doesn’t love the comfort of their house :p

  • One word for Decision Point.

Our workplace is like a temple for us. It is the second thing we spend most time and energy on. So when we asked our employees what Decision point meant for them, they came up with some great answers. For some, it was growth, for some it was fun and so on.

So, we got to know what happiness meant for different employees and it is amazing to see their love towards work. And our employees’ happiness is our happiness.

So, what makes you happy? Comment down below!

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